Specialists in Stained Glass

Specialists in the Restoration, Conservation and Design of Stained Glass, The GlassHouse employ traditional methods to ensure your glass is finished to the highest of standards.

Offering a treble glazing service we can encapsulate your glass within a sealed unit, ensuring that it is protected for many more years to come.

Centuries of Glass at our Fingertips...........

Restoration & Conservation

As old windows were replaced with new we saw stained glass being removed and destroyed or replaced with replica copies that didn't live up to the beauty of the original.

Well those days are gone - we remove your original stained glass, fully restoring it to its original state, removing decades of dirt, damage and deterioration.  Your glass can then be re-installed as single glazing or we can encapsulate your beautiful panels into a sealed treble glazed unit to allow your home to be warmer and your glass to be protected.

New Stained Glass

Whether you would like to recreate an original design or create a new bespoke piece - The GlassHouse will guide you through from conception of an idea to design and creation.

Derek Halliday will personally advise you on glass textures and colours ensuring that your idea becomes a reality.